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Willow Basketry workshop with the Herrera Family

MIAC Basketry Workshop Jan 18th

January 18, 2014 10:00 am through 4:00 pm

Willow baskets were at one point a nearly lost art among the Northern Rio Grande pueblos. Thanks to the efforts by a descendant of Santo Domingo Pueblo, Rosa Valencia, the craft is once again thriving. Arnold Herrera learned the art from Rosa while he was working at Pecos National Park in the 70’s and passed it in to his sons as a means to ensure its legacy. The Herrera Family “As a family, we are committed to passing on our knowledge of the drum, and of our cultural heritage. The legacy of the drum, both of the pueblo people as a whole, and of our own style, does not belong to just us, it belongs to ’the people’, and we will continue to treat it as such as long as our able bodies and minds allow us to do so. We are not going to hide anything with regards to the drum, and are willing to share with other natives and non-natives alike. Through the sharing of our art and culture we hope to educate non-natives so native people can be acknowledged and appreciated for their rich cultures."

Workshops are intended to be a hands-on learning experience for groups of dedicated individuals. Teachers require participants to do their own work. Willow basketry requires degrees of strength and dexterity.