the weavers
male weavers of dine' nation
Jaymes Henio

Jaymes Henio began weaving as a six-year-old, learning from his grandmother, now 111. He carries on the family tradition of using natural or vegetal-dyed handspun wool, though he has developed his own unique style of pictorial weavings.

Unlike most North Americans, Jaymes doesn't drive a vehicle or commute to a job. He herds the sheep every morning with his horse. Afternoons are spent weaving or tending to family or community activities. Says Jaymes, "My family is very supportive of me as a weaver because no one else in our family is carrying on my grandma's work and also her knowledge, songs, prayers, and offerings that have been passed on from my great-great-grandmother. And it's come down to me. There's nobody else in my family that could carry that on, so I've basically been volunteered by my grandmother to carry this [weaving] on. The community really likes what I'm doing, just from knowing my grandmother and what kind of status she has in the community. They are very proud of me and approach me with great respect."

Pictorial Rug, 1998

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