the weavers
male weavers of dine' nation
Roy Kady

Navajo weavers are pursuing new directions today by developing their own unique weaving styles. Roy Kady is one such weaver. He was taught to weave by his mother and grandmother but didn't envision it as a viable career until about thirteen years ago. "One day I was sitting there talking to my mom, " he recalled, "and she said that none of my sisters showed an interest in weaving. She wanted to pass on her weaving tools. I told her, 'Maybe I should go in that direction.' Right then and there she got the materials, the yarns out, and she helped me warp the loom."

Roy teaches traditional arts including weaving to gifted and talented students at Teec Nos Pos school in northeastern Arizona. "I'm really accepted in this community and other weavers are always encouraging me, as well, everywhere I go. I haven't run into anyone who says I shouldn't be doing it. I feel I'm recognized as a weaver—it took a long time.

Multi-Design Rug, 1997

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