More than any other artist, Maria Martinez changed our perception of Indian art.

Drawing inspiration from centuries-old Pueblo traditions, she led a twentieth-century revival of pottery making whose effects have been felt far from her home at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

Throughout her prolific career, she collaborated with many others, experimented with new techniques, and introduced decorative motifs previously unknown outside her community. Yet she held fast to the traditions of her people and used her influence to sustain and support Pueblo cultural life. Above all, Maria Martinez helped to establish pottery making as a viable economic endeavor for Pueblo people.

Touched by Fire: The Art, Life, and Legacy of Maria Martinez presents a glimpse into the life of this extraordinary woman, who insisted throughout her life that she was just a Pueblo woman—nothing more and nothing less. Today, the legacy of her vision lives on in potters who expand the definitions of tradition and continue to create beautiful, vibrant, and innovative works of art.

Museum of New Mexico