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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Space Resources for Children and Youth

Compiled by Allison Colborne, MIAC/LOA Librarian



NASA General Resources


NASA Coloring Books (extensive list)

This link provides you access to a long list of color books that anyone can print out and give to children and youth to color. See below resources to coloring books selected according to age group.

NASA Coloring Books

NASA STEM Engagement - Activities Guides

Activities Guide   (main webpage)   Provides: Teacher's guides - Curriculum, Supplies lists, and more!

This link takes you to the general link for curriculum guides for teachers, and supplies lists for each activity listed. The activities are organized and grouped according to age groups of K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. 



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NASA K-2 Resources (Kindergarten through Grade 2)

NASA Coloring Book Sheets

The following links provide you printable PDFs suitable for children who are Kindergarten through grades 1 or 2.

Space Kitty Cat

Space Doggie

Rocket Giving Satellites A Piggback Ride



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Engineering Design Process Activities ebook

Engineering Design Process Activities ebook

High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book

High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book (Math + Language Literacy)

Our Very Own Star : The Sun Coloring Book

Our Very Own Star (coloring book + reader)

SCaN fun pad

SCaN fun pad

 Space Place Coloring eBook

NASA Space Place (Earth, Sun, Universe, Solar System ebook)

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NASA 3-5 Resources (Grades 3-5)

Engineering Design Process Activities ebook

Activities Guide

Adventures in Aeronautics

Adventures in Auronautics (graphic novel + coloring book, a few puzzles too!)

Color the Universe 

Color the Universe (ebook)

The Life Cycle of Stars

The Life Cycle of Stars (activities - StarChild Learning Center for Young Astronomers)

Space Activity Book

Space Activity Book (ebook)

To Space and Back! How We Can All Use NASA's Tools!

To Space and Back! (Coloring Book, Word Games)

 Webb telescope fun pad : packed with fun things to do!

Webb telescope fun pad  (coloring book pages + creative activities)


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NASA 6-8 Resources (Grades 6-8)

Activities Guide- Engineering Design Process

Activities Guide

Explore the Milky Way

Explore the Milky Way

Solar System Math : Comparing Size and Distance

Solar System Math (Pre-Algebra Unit Workbook) - What are the parts and how do they compare? Explore the Milky Way



 NASA Graphic Novels / Histories of Life in the Universe

 The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot!

 The Amazing Adventures of AstrobioBot!

PDF | Cell Phone-Mobile PDF


Astrobiology and the Earth

Issue #5: Astrobiology and the Earth

PDF | Cell Phone-Mobile PDF






NASA Native Astronaut - John Herrington (Chickasaw) certainly did!!!

Official NASA portrait of Commander John B. Herrington, STS-113 Mission Specialist.

John Herrington is the first enrolled Native American to fly and walk in outer space!




Chickasaw Nation John Herrington Videos (ChickasawTV)

John Herrington videos (ChickasawTV)


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John Herrington's Advice on Becoming an Astronaut!

Advice to Children (video)

I Dreamed of Being an Astronaut (video)