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Cochiti and Santo Domingo
Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano

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Wednesday, December 8
10:00 am
Native Pottery Demonstration Series
Rose Pacheco (Santo Domingo) and Billy Veale

Wednesday, December 15
Letís Take a Look - December 2021

Wednesday, December 15
10:00 am
ENGAGING THE FUTURE: Conversations with Goodman Fellowship Artist
David Naranjo (Santa Clara, San Juan and Cochiti)

Wednesday, January 5
10:00 am
CLEARLY INDIGENOUS - Jody Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo) + Harlan Reano (Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Conversation in Glass Art with MIAC assistant curator L. . .

Wednesday, January 12
Let’s Take a Look

Wednesday, February 2
10:00 am
Conversations on Glass Art: Angela Babby (Lakota)

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