Current Exhibitions

Painted by Hand: The Textiles of Patricia Michaels


May 5, 2024 through April 5, 2025
As a Taos Pueblo woman in the world of haute couture, Patricia sought textiles that reflected the landscapes, peoples, experiences, and textures of her home and community. Finding none, she dove into the process of hand-painting textiles that tell stories of snowy aspens, mountain walks, and raindrops, as well as relationships, birth, struggle, and triumph. In Painted by Hand, learn more about how Michaels makes her famed images, which integrate deep knowledge of the landscape and elaborate physical processing. See textiles, tools, and garments reflecting the intention that goes into each painted fabric. 

Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Dine Textiles


July 16, 2023 through February 2, 2025
 The horizon line is both a point of connection between sky and earth and a separation of space. Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Diné Textiles explores the connections between weaving and photography as modes of engagement with place. By situating these two media in conversation, this exhibition presents each as a way of seeing and knowing Dinétah, the Navajo homeland, emphasizing the land-based and relational practices of Diné (Navajo) weaving. 

Here, Now and Always


July 2, 2022 through July 2, 2028
Here, Now and Always centers on the voices, perspectives, and narratives of the Indigenous peoples of the American Southwest. This groundbreaking exhibition features more than six hundred objects from the museum’s extraordinary collection of ceramics, jewelry, paintings, fashion, and more. Learn more and plan your visit now at

Now on Exhibit

Here, Now and Always
Opening July 2, 3, 2022

July 2, 2022 through July 2, 2028