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The Weaving in the Margins: Navajo Men as Weavers Web site is based on the gallery guide for Weaving in the Margins: Navajo Men as Weavers, a temporary exhibition produced by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology (MIAC/Lab), a unit of the Museum of New Mexico.

The exhibition was made possible through the generosity of the artists and collectors who lent their pieces for display, and is funded, in part, by the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities and the Museum of New Mexico Foundation.

The Museum is sincerely grateful to the following weavers who participated in the exhibition:

  • Gilbert Begay
  • Ron Garnanez
  • Jason Harvey
  • Jaymes Henio
  • Roy Kady
  • Albert Jackson
  • Carleton Jackson
  • Milton Laughing
  • James Sherman

Special thanks go to the many gallery owners, traders, weavers, and textile experts who assisted with this project including Buzz Trevathan, Cristof's, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Jed Foutz, Marilyn George, and the staff of Shiprock Trading Company, Shiprock, New Mexico; Barry Simpson, Twin Rocks and Blue Mountain Trading Posts, Bluff and Blanding, Utah; Craig Watson, Indiana Watson Indian Weaving, Cardiff By The Sea, California; Barbara Teller Ornelas, weaver, Tucson, Arizona; Ann Lane Hedlund, The Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies, Tucson, Arizona; and Laurie D. Webster, textile consultant, Tucson, Arizona.

Exhibition Staff
Louise I. Stiver, Exhibition Curator
Joyce Begay-Foss, Exhibition Educator
Wesley Thomas, Exhibition Consultant and Writer
John Tinker, Exhibition Designer
Dawn Manges, Exhibition Graphic Design
John D. Ressler, Field Photographer
Blair Clark, Studio Photographer
Tom McCarthy, Videographer

The Weaving in the Margins: Navajo Men as Weavers gallery guide was designed by Dawn Manges for the Museum of New Mexico. Web site design and programming by Douglas Patinka, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture.

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