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Storage Jar, Trinidad Medina, c. 1945
Storage Olla, Margaret Tafoya, 1940 & Wedding Jar, Nestor Silva, 1951
Melon Jar, Andrew Padilla, 1995 & Seed Jar, Dorothy Torivio, 1982
Jar, Lonnie Vigil, 1990


The pottery in The Buchsbaum Gallery is a living testament to a vibrant tradition which continues today. The work is constantly evolving while incorporating experiences of family, culture, and life. There are those who have chosen to remain close to the ancestral ways, while others have sought to mix traditional shapes with a contemporary design or traditional designs on a contemporary shape.

Pueblo potters assert their individual artistic expressions while creating new masterpieces. Tammy Garcia, a Santa Clara potter, asserts, "Potters of every generation have challenged themselves to leave their comfort zone and become risk takers." Today's potters continue to teach the young what it means to experience creation. The work of Native potters of the Southwest can be found in art museums, galleries, and private collections around the world. The potters' ancestral connections help them to live in today's world and leave a legacy for future generations.