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Artistís Talk and Workshop with Wanesia Spry Misquadace

Birch Bark Biting and Quill Medallions

1:00 pm through 3:00 pm

Misquadace - who just earned her MFA from UW-Madison - will discuss the nearly-lost art of birch bark biting that she has helped keep alive. Following her talk, she’ll conduct a short workshop in which participants can use quills to embroider their own piece of birch bark!


Winter Traditions Celebration

Annual MIAC Holiday Program

1:00 pm through 4:00 pm

Celebrate the arrival of winter with MIAC’s annual Winter Traditions Celebration!

The schedule includes storytelling by Emmett Garcia (Santa Ana/Jemez Pueblo); dance performances by Diné Tah Dancers, hands-on holiday clay activity with Steven Lockwood (Ohkay Owingeh) as outlined below.

  • 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm:  Holiday hands-on clay activity with Steven Lockwood, MIAC classroom

  • 1:00 pm: Diné Tah Dancers, Milner Plaza

  • 1:45 pm: Emmett Garcia, O’Keeffe Theatre

  • 2:30 pm: Diné Tah Dancers, Milner Plaza

  • 3:15 pm: Emmett Garcia, O’Keeffe Theatre  

  • Light refreshments throughout the afternoon

Sundays are FREE for New Mexico residents, so this is a great, low (or no!) cost family outing.


Letís Take a Look

Curators Look at Your Treasures

12:00 pm through 2:00 pm

During this time, curators from The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and The Laboratory of Anthropology are in the lobby of MIAC to look at your treasures. These curators will attempt to identify and explain any artifact or historic object presented to them.

The event is always FREE and open to the public. Federal and State regulations prohibit the curators from appraising any artifact.


Artist’s Talk

with Jeweler Duane Maktima

1:00 pm through 2:00 pm

Join us to explore the legacy of Duane Maktima’s (Hopi/Laguna) handcrafted works. Duane’s works are represented in many museum gift shops and finer galleries and shops who represent the best in quality and spirit of the refined Native American craftsman. A master Jeweler-Designer-Craftsman has created a niche/trademark that lives on as heirloom pieces for many distinguished patrons and collectors.


A Tour at IAIA, Institute of American Indian Arts

Friends of Indian Art

Join us for a Thursday afternoon tour of the stunning 140-acre campus of IAIA, the only 4-year degree fine arts institution in the nation devoted to contemporary Native American and Alaskan Native arts. The campus itself is a work of art. Graduates include Charles Loloma, Tony Abeyta, Dan Namingha, Frank Buffalo Hyde and David Bradley.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


ZoŽ Marieh Urness: Keeping the Traditions Alive

Friends of Indian Art

Zoë Marieh Urness is a Tlingit Alaskan and Cherokee Native whose photographic film portraits of modern Natives in traditional regalia and settings strongly emote the feeling – “We are here. And we are thriving through our traditions.” Zoe’s unique style fuses documentary and fine art, with her imagery reflecting the sensitivity and the ancestral strength of her subjects.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


Shawn Bluejacket-Roccamo: Jewelry with an International Flair

Friends of Indian Art

Shawn Bluejacket’s (Shawnee/Cherokee) jewelry is as diverse as her background. Her geologist father moved their family to New Zealand where Shawn grew up surrounded by Maori, Pacific Islanders, and European emigrees. These early influences are often translated into her work, which evokes multiculturalism and an ancient feel that is not readily apparent but is always subtly evident. She prefers the immediacy of fabrication to casting. Most of her jewelry is hollow formed out of 30-gauge sheet, which allows for architectural shape yet is lightweight for wearability.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


From Bar to Bench

Friends of Indian Art

David McElroy is a Santa Fe-based silversmith and member of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma. After practicing law for nearly two decades in a variety of fields, including criminal, Federal Indian, tribal and international corporate law, David gave up his legal career to move to Santa Fe and pursue art. Now working as a silversmith, he has traded life in the courtroom for life in the studio, making jewelry and other items in sterling, fine silver and gold, with a focus on hand-chasing and repoussé designs. David will talk about his career in Indian law as well as his transition to life as an artist.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


A Visit to the Home of Dr. Leticia Chambers

Friends of Indian Art

Dr. Chambers will welcome us to her beautiful home where she will lead a tour of her eclectic collection of contemporary sculpture and paintings. She will also speak about the role of the arts in sustaining and advancing American Indian cultures as well as her philosophy on the art of collecting. Dr. Chambers, a long time collector of American Indian art, is one of the founders and Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums, which has had a major influence in boosting professionalism in the field. She is also a former CEO of the Heard Museum.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


John Andrews: Making Sure No Wool Was Pulled Over His Eyes

Friends of Indian Art

John Andrews, owner of Native Jackets, will speak to us about the development of his business which began on the web in 1998 selling Indian blanket jackets. After meeting Mark Winter of Toadlena Trading Post, he saw that he could trust his eye and started investing more in Navajo rugs, Pueblo pottery, and Native baskets. Now native art sales exceed the jacket sales, and have for several years. John will show us beautiful tapestry weavings made by living master weavers, antique treasures, and Pendleton blankets.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.


New Jewelry Galleries at the Wheelwright Museum

Friends of Indian Art

On June 7, 2015, the Wheelwright opened the Jim and Lauris Phillips Center for the Study of Southwestern Jewelry. Please join us for a docent tour of the Martha Struever Gallery where work on display includes the Anderman/Gallegos collection of New Mexican filigree; jewelry and hollowware by masters including Kenneth Begay, Morris Robinson, Lewis Lomay, and Charles Loloma; and contemporary work by Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird, Norbert Peshlaki, Perry Shorty, and many others.

Not a FIA member? Join by calling 505-982-6366 ext. 100.